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Cresnia was founded in 2009 by Joachim Bozorgnia when the division for Tenant Representation was bought out from NAI Svefa, one of Swedens largets consulting companies within real estate. Since then Cresnia have lead the negotiations of over 400 contracts. We have reached an average financial reduction of 15% and ensured improved terms and condtitions.

We are always representing the tenant

By assigning us we guarantee that you will access the right space to the right cost. Regardless of what kind of service you need e.g market analysis, site selection or renewing the contract we offer a series of highly qualified services. This makes it both easier and more efficient for you being the tenant.

Our services comprises everything within real estate consulting and we glady take responsibility for the whole process so that our clients can feel secure and focus on their core business. Cresnia never take any assignments from real estate owners in order to be loyal to the tenant in every aspect.

We take responsibility for the whole process

How is market looking right now? We have profound experience of the rental markets and we know how the real estate owners are thinking and acting before the renegotiations. With our expertise you will improve the position against the real estate owner and be well prepared for the negotiations. We are satisfied when you save time and money.

Our philosophy is based on cooperation and understanding about our clients daily operation. We help our clients to improve the business by being the partner and verifying the communication with the landlord. Through experience, analyzes and efficient negotiation we provide you with alternative solutions and we push the project forward together with you.


Collectum took initial contact with Cresnia when they requested to renegotiate the existing rental agreement.

Cresnias challenge was to find a solution and look for alternative locations. The result gave Collectum new spaces for 24% lower rental costs.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) took initial contact with Cresnia when negotiations with the landlord became complicated.

The challenge was to start working on the proposals even though the process was already long gone. PTS requeste4d to leave the building and the result gave PTS a 20% annual saving.

Telia managed to save 15% on 220 renegotiated spaces for technology spread out in Sweden.

The challenge was to lower the rental costs without moving out from the buildings.

Motivation service contract had been incorrectly terminated.

Cresnia first got in touch with Motivation Service after they had been under notice from the landlord. According to the landlord, Motivation Service had to leave the space after the contract-time. Cresnia helped MS to negotiate and finally receive compensation for the upcoming moving costs.

Subways contract was terminated for raised rent.

Cresnia assisted Subway to create a saving of 20% by improved terms and conditions.

The Swedish Competition Authority requested to move out from their office space.

Cresnia represented the client with analysis of the operations, setting up the specification of future needs and searched the new location. Cresnia also led the negotiations and evaluation of the new office.

Verifieds contract was terminated in order for the landlord to raise to rent.

Cresnia represented Verified through the process which resulted in limited possibilities for the landlord to raise the rent. Cresnia tracked payments and found further areas of improvement and savings. “CRESNIAs work is professional and they always put the tenant in focus. We received help to navigate through the jungle of alternatives and rules and regulations regarding the legal parts” – Roderick Martin, Verified.

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