Tenant Representation

Shop, office or warehouse?

Tenant Representation is an exclusive service tailored for corporate tenants. Our consultants can provide financial and contractual advice regarding your lease. Cresnias overall ambition is to make sure the tenant, our client, access the best possible space being cost efficient.

Cresnia can with high probability improve the terms and conditions around your rental contract by reducing costs and increasing flexibility.


Benefits of Tenant Representation:

1) Time management

Its time consuming to acquire valid information, search spaces and negotiate various office-solutions. Our consultants deal with all office-space-related tasks to ensure your company is being time-efficient.

2) Improved terms and conditions.

Real estate owners have a knowledge-advantage in many cases. Being the tenant you probably renegotiate your contract every third year. Cresnias main objective is to ensure that you enter the negotiations with the best possible preparations to your advantage. It often results in a contract with better terms and conditions and of course with increased flexibility.


Cresnia are proud members of Exis – the global network for Tenant Representation