01. Tenant representation

Shop, office or warehouse? Tenant Representation is an exclusive service tailored for corporate tenants. Our consultants can provide financial and contractual advice regarding your lease. Cresnias overall ambition is to make sure the tenant, our client, access the best possible space being cost efficient. Cresnia can with high probability improve the terms and conditions around your rental contract by reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Benefits of Tenant Representation:

1) Time management

Its time consuming to acquire valid information, search spaces and negotiate various office-solutions. Our consultants deal with all office-space-related tasks to ensure your company is being time-efficient.

2) Improved terms and conditions.

Real estate owners have a knowledge-advantage in many cases. Being the tenant you probably renegotiate your contract every third year. Cresnias main objective is to ensure that you enter the negotiations with the best possible preparations to your advantage. It often results in a contract with better terms and conditions and of course with increased flexibility.

02. Office relocation and Project management

Moving office takes time

The questions before, during and after moving office are many. It’s widely known how extensive and time consuming the process of moving is. Procurement of suppliers, new interiors and IT solutions needs to be in place – It’s clearly a situation where all details needs to be reviewed.

Cresnias project managers simplifies the process

Our experienced project managers deal with the large number of questions that occurs before the move. We guide our clients throughout the whole project and we make sure to overlook your costs. Without the experience and professional knowledge it’s easy to encounter unnecessary costs.

Do you want our best advice?

We offer you telephone counselling with the chance of asking questions regarding your move. Perhaps this is also the time to receive tips and valid market information that could help you avoid expensive mistakes in the future. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

03. Lease Negotiation

Do you have control over your lease?

There is a lot to consider before putting your signature on the contract. Here you will find information about what you as the tenant need to pay attention to. The rental contract often consists of several parts and reaches over 3-7 years. In many cases there can be supplementary agreements and it’s important to pay particular attention to these details, especially in cases of renegotiation.

Help through the whole process of reaching the agreement

We help our clients through the whole process. We take responsibility in managing documents and correspondence with the landlord. After hundreds of completed projects we dare to say that we know the rental market and its functions. We know what possibilities you have in order to improve the situation over time. Cresnia basically makes sure that all details and inquiries from the negotiations finally is being managed in the written contract and that you avoid extra costs.

There is a reason to be accurate when taking on new office space and by assigning Cresnia you will not only experience us as the loyal partner but also as a profitable investment both short and long term.

Would you like to know how you can improve your company’s rental conditions?

Don’t hesitate to call us for free advice! We gladly describe our business model and how we can assist you to create the best solution.

04. Site Selection

Location, size, function and design?

Are you searching for central-business-district open space or the optimal warehouse close to the highway? Most company’s put together a clear specification in order to optimize the future office space. We help you to make sure you ask yourself the most vital questions in order to find the most suitable space.

– Where do you find your customers/clients?

– How do you want to brand your company?

– How does your employees travel to work?

The space has to suit your business and your employees.

The right space is vital for your company’s development. Our experience regarding site selection can help you to match your needs with the right space. We analyze your future needs and make sure you won’t lose any of your precious time. We are happy to assist you through the whole process.

Our goal is to deliver the result that exceeds your expectation!

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Cresnia are proud members of Exis – the global network for Tenant Representation