Lease Negotiation

Do you have control over your lease?
There is a lot to consider before putting your signature on the contract, especially when you consider the many elements that a contract covers, not to mention the length of agreement (often 3+years). In many cases there can be supplementary agreements and it’s important to pay attention to these details, especially in cases of renegotiation.

We help our clients through the whole process. We mange the documents and correspondence with the landlord to ensure there are no surprises once the deal is done.

After hundreds of completed projects we are not afraid to say that we are experts within the rental market and its functions. We know what possibilities you have in order to improve the situation over time. Cresnia basically makes sure that all details and inquiries from the negotiations are managed in the written contract.

By assigning Cresnia you will not only experience us as the loyal partner but also as a profitable investment both short and long term.

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